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The Heartwarming Book that Brilliantly Explains Divorce to Kids & Teaches Empathy

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

It is a book about divorce. It is also a book about friendship. It is a book about both divorce and friendship! Two Houses Down: A Story for Children about Divorce and Friendship is Evelyn Del Ray is Moving Away meets Why Do Families Change!

Book cover Two Houses Down

When researching the topic for my newest book, I learned that customers sought divorce books for kids that:

  • Can help start a conversation with young children (ages 6-9) about divorce and separation

  • Provided realistic and appropriate answers to questions a child may have

  • Included beautiful and colorful illustrations that could help with its accessibility to children

  • Emphasized that divorce is not the child's fault and that love of family is constant

  • Avoided the adult issues of divorce

  • Was a story, not 1-2 short sentences

Two Houses Down does all of the above and more!

Typically, when we think about divorce and children, we think about parents explaining their own divorce to their child. But with divorce rates still climbing, more and more parents are having to talk to their children about someone else's divorce, whether they want to or not. This is what makes Two Houses Down unique!

This book about divorce for kids is specific yet generic enough that it can be used to help real life friends facing any challenging situation, even if not divorce.

A few readers have raved:

This book is well written and surprisingly powerful. It does an excellent job of capturing the fear, confusion, and innocence of a child when confronted with the concept of divorce. It gently delivers guidance on how to explain it and help a child process what it means. Well done!


This book is a must read! Very well written and executed perfectly! Divorce can be confusing and scary, especially for children. The way the author is able to capture all of the feelings and emotions associated with such a difficult topic, in a way for children to easily grasp is amazing. I love how Two Houses Down speaks on how to be supportive and patient with friends who may be dealing with their parents going through a divorce.

To see more reviews or to grab your copy, click here.

Book Trivia!

The title for Two Houses Down is inspired by my childhood. Before my parents' divorced, I lived two houses down from my first childhood best friend.

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