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Available in E-book, Paperback, Hardback & Spanish

Andrew Learns about Actors is the debut book in the Andrew's Career Day book series.

It is the FIRST children's picture book about becoming or being an actor!

It was inspired by the author's young son's curiosity and love for TV!

Join Andrew and Mama as Andrew learns all about actors and the profession of acting!


Available in E-book, Paperback

Andrew Learns about Lawyers

Andrew Learns about Lawyers is the third book in the Andrew's Career Day book series.

It is the FIRST Children's Picture Book featuring diverse characters.

Join Andrew and Mama as Andrew learns all about lawyers and the legal profession!

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Available in E-book, Paperback, Hardback

Andrew Learns about Teachers is the second book in the Andrew's Career Day book series.

It was awarded Reader's Favorite!

It was part of CBS 11's Literacy Campaign 2021!

Join Andrew and Mama as Andrew learns all about teachers and the profession of teaching!


Available in E-book, Paperback

Scout's Honor: A Kid's Book about Lying and Telling the Truth.​

A book about lying/honesty that features an African American main character!

Uh-oh! When Scout breaks his parents' lamp, he has two choices: to lie or to tell the truth. What will Scout decide?


Available in E-book, Paperback

Spencer Knows Spring​

A charming kid's book that is not only spring-themed but includes real facts about spring!

Spencer knows spring is here and he can tell how he knows. Turn the pages to learn fun facts about spring. You may become a spring expert like Spencer!


Available in E-book, Paperback

Winnie Loves Winter

A delightful kid's book that is not only winter-themed but includes real facts about Winter!

Winnie loves winter and she cannot wait to tell you all the things she loves about it. You may come to love winter just as much as Winnie!


Coloring Book!

Animals in the Forest​

A Cute Coloring & Activity Book

Animals in the Forest is 32 pages of educational fun for ages 3 and up!


Available in E-book, Paperback

I Have 10 Toes, Thank You Jesus​

A Christian-based body learning, numbers and gratitude book for baby

I Have 10 Toes introduces babies and young toddlers to various body parts, what the body parts do, number recognition, and gratitude!

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