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Andrew Learns about Actors

  • Does your child enjoy playing pretend?

  • Do they love watching TV?

  • When Chadwick Boseman passed, did you wish you had a book that explained the difference between characters and actors?


Grab the first children's picture book about becoming or being an actor.

Book includes free literacy lesson and coloring page


Andrew Learns about Actors, Spanish Edition

​Same great in Spanish!

Book includes free literacy lesson and coloring page 


Andrew Learns about Teachers

  • Do you have a pre-K or kindergartener starting school?

  • Do you want to show your child how special and important teachers are?

  • Do you want a special teacher to know you appreciate them?

This is the book for you!

Book includes free literacy lesson and coloring page


Andrew Learns about Lawyers

  • Does your child love to  stand up for their "rights" or the "rights" of their classmates?

  • Do you think your child may make a great lawyer someday?

  • Do you want to explain to your child what you or the lawyer in their lives do all day?

Grab the FIRST children's picture book about lawyers featuring diverse characters.​


Andrew Learns about Engineers

  • Want to spark your child's interest in a STEM career?

  • Looking for a book for National Engineers Week or E-Week?

  • Are you a fan of Have you Thanked an Inventor Today?

This is the book for you!


Two Houses Down: A Story for Children about Divorce & Friendship

A children's story about divorce and friendship that is​

  • Age appropriate

  • Relatable and realistic

  • Positive and child-centered

  • Filled with vivid, colorful illustrations

A great resource for talking to children about anyone's divorce and changing friendships.


Scout's Honor: A Kid's Book about Lying and Telling the Truth.

Are you looking for a book that teaches

  • the reasons one may lie,

  • the consequences for lying, and
  • the importance of telling the truth?

With simple, straightforward text, this book is perfect for your 4-6 year old.


Fallon Favors Fall: A Wonderful Children's Book about Fall

A colorful picture book about fall/autumn that features pumpkins, apples, squirrels, and all the fun things associated with the season.


Spencer Knows Spring: A Charming Children's Book about Spring

A colorful picture book that perfectly captures the spring season. 

Perfect book to introduce spring to preschool and early elementary aged children.


Winnie Loves Winter: A Delightful Children's Book about Winter


  • Fun facts about winter

  • Simple engaging text

  • Beautiful, delightful illustrations

And so much more!


Animals in the Forest: A Cute Coloring & Activity Book

32 pages of educational fun for ages 3 and up

  • Strengthen your child's reading skills without the screen

  • Improve your child's vocabulary, spelling and fine motor skills


I Have 10 Toes, Thank You Jesus!

Instill Christian values into your baby's or toddlers' daily routine.

Introduce your infant, toddler and preschooler to 

  • Body parts

  • Senses

  • Numbers 1, 2 and 10 

  • Gratitude


I Have 10 Toes / Tengo Diez Dedos De Los Pies

Make learning body parts fun for your child or class with this colorful children's picture book.

With line-by-line English and Spanish text, this book is perfect for learning basic body parts and practicing body vocabulary.


My Summer Skin is Radiant

Teaches kids self love and builds self esteem and confidence!

Lyrical text and gorgeous watercolor illustrations chronicle two kids' summer days and delivers an empowering celebration of their darker summer skin tones.


Black Boy Hair Joy

Hair Love for Black boys!

An easy to read rhyming book that promotes positive self image in Black boys, and shows them they matter.


The Night The Lights Went Out

Promote family time, values and imagination with this suspenseful comedic book perfect for young readers growing up in the digital age.

Special for Teachers - a Class Activity Packet for grades K-3

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