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Tiffany Obeng and her books have been featured in a number of media profiles, which you can explore for yourself below.

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Smiling Girl

Stories that Inspire Us, The Author Series

Tiffany Obeng was a guest on Janis Melilo's podcast where she talked about Andrew Learns about Scientists and her inspiring journey to create the Brittanica of kids career books.

Social Impact Authors:
How & Why Author Tiffany Obeng Is Helping To Change Our World

Authority Magazine interviewed Tiffany Obeng as part of their series about authors who are making an important social impact. 

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How to Write Nonfiction Children's Books

Tiffany was a guest on the National Association for Nonfiction Authors podcast. Listen or watch to learn a lot.

Diversifying STEM Through Kid Lit

Tune in to Read It Write! radio show as Tiffany discusses with Tiffani Teachey the importance of diversifying STEM through Kid Lit and the impact of inclusion and representation.

Excited Children in Science Class

The Best Books to Engage Kids

Andrew Learns about Engineers was featured by engineer and diversity in STEM advocate Tiffani Teachey.

Artist Madrid Books Podcast

Tiffany Obeng shares the secrets to getting your children's book out quickly and efficiently. They also discuss what you need to know about illustrations.

Summer Fun

Top 10 Books that Encourage Self-Love & Self-Acceptance in Kids

My Summer Skin is Radiant is a top 10 book in this list curated by The Splendid Path.

Summer's Must Read Picture Books

Sonny Vibes Summer is included in this parenting blog of must read summer kids books.


Meet the Author: Tiffany Obeng

Phoenix Journey Books conducted a Q&A with children's author Tiffany Obeng and learn more about her inspiring career series.

The Best STEM Books by Black Authors

Thomas Insights has recognized Andrew Learns about Engineers as the best engineering book for school-aged kids.

A Woman Writing by the Window

Bold Journey: Meet Tiffany Obeng

In this feature with Bold Journey, I talk about Boosting Productivity Through Self-Care.

Getting Started: How They Got Their First Clients

Follow Tiffany Obeng on her journey as a publishing service provider.

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Andrew Learns: Our Story is Important

Tiffany Obeng was a "super-friend" on the Childcare Pro Circle Podcast hosted by Spring C. Jackson to share a heartwarming, thought-provoking look into why your story is so important.

Storytime: Helping Your Clients Win

CanvasRebel interviewed Tiffany Obeng about a time she helped a client win. Check out Tiffany's heartwarming story.


Catch Up With Tiffany Obeng

Voyage Houston caught up with Tiffany Obeng. See what Tiffany has been up to.

Hey There, Springtime: 30 Best Spring Books for Preschoolers

Spencer Knows Spring was a recommended book about spring for preschoolers curated by Well Beings with Alysia.


Path of Most Persistence Podcast

Tiffany Obeng joined Dr. Valerie Segovia at Texas A&M University, Nuclear Power Institute on her podcast, Path of Most Persistence. They talked about Tiffany's author journey, company, and books.

Black Boy Hair Joy Children's Book Review

Black Boy Hair Joy received an outstanding review. Click the button to read the review!


Tiffany Obeng’s 5 Wisdom Gems

I was the inaugural guest on new podcast, Melanated Stamps hosted by fellow indie author Dr. Jenaya Perdue. In just 15 min, I drop "five wisdom gems."

Our Recommended Top 10 Best Child’s Book Reviews

Burger & Beer Joint has recognized Fallon Favors Fall as a top 10 recommended children's book, and she is in good company!


The Night The Lights Went Out Children's Book Review

The Night The Lights Went Out received an amazing review. Click the button to read the review!

Daily Inspiration: Meet Tiffany Obeng

Voyage Houston invited Tiffany for another interview. Read what Tiffany has been up to over the past year.

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Children’s Books That Highlight Single Mom Homes

Not 1, but 2 of Tiffany's books are featured on this recommended book list for single moms. Find out which 2 books and see the other books on the list.

How to Publish Multiple Books in a Short Time, with Tiffany Obeng

Tiffany joined Emma Dhesi's podcast, "Turning Readers into Writers" to discuss her author journey and tips on how she publishes 5+ children's books a year, that sell.


Herstory Maker: Meet Tiffany Obeng

Tiffany was featured in Pretty Women Hustle as a Herstory Maker. Check out the feature.

The Best Positive Books to Read

Pretty Progressive asked industry leaders and experts for their top picks of positive books to read. See which book by Tiffany Obeng made the list.


7 Ways To Support Black-Owned Businesses

GOBankingRates spoke to several Black entrepreneurs and small-business owners, including Tiffany Obeng, to learn which meaningful ways customers can support these businesses.

Pants on Fire: 10 Books about Lying for Kids

Scout's Honor: A Kid's Book about Lying and Telling the Truth topped the list curated by Book Riot. Check out Scout's Honor and other lying kids books.


8 Different Ways to Support Black-owned Businesses

Rebekkah Smith of NorthOne spoke to Black business owners, including Tiffany Obeng, about the best ways to support them year round. Check out what Tiffany said.

18 book marketing tips from the trenches

Author Tiffany Obeng was featured on Build Book Buzz sharing amazing book marketing tips, alongside book marketers, book publicists and publishers.


Tiffany Obeng was a guest on Moms Who Create podcast sharing about her career books for kids.

Career Guidance for Kids Lesson 76

Tiffany had the amazing opportunity to be a guest on popular podcast for homeschoolers and beyond to talk about her mission to educate and inspire Black children to aspire to be anything they want to become!


50 Beautiful Spring Books for Kids to Read

Spencer Knows Spring was a recommended book about spring for kids to read curated by Look! We're Learning!

Invigorating Spring Picture Books for Kids

Spencer Knows Spring was a recommended picture book about spring on this book list curated by Reading Middle Grade.

Smiling Kids

Spring Connect the Dots Printables

Spencer Knows Spring made the short list of Spring Themed Books for Preschoolers curated by Crystal and Co.

Books to Inspire Your Child's Future

Tiffany was a featured blogger on Mommy Richa's popular blog for parents!

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Children's Book Review: Fallon Favors Fall

It's Reading Time gave Fallon Favors Fall a rave review. Click the button to read the review.

CRE8NHSTLE with Mush King

Tiffany was a guest on ESPN radio show, CRE8NHSTLE! Tune in to hear and watch what Tiffany has to say about the hardest part of creating and advice for other creatives.


Flowers, Holidays, and Fun Are All in These Kids Books About Spring

Spencer Knows Spring made the list of Best Products by Yahoo Life!! Check out Spencer and other spring books!

Prosecutor MacAulay Participates in Read Across America Day

Prosecutor MacAulay selected Andrew Learns about Lawyers as a book to read for Read Across America Day.


Best Spring Books For Babies

Spencer Knows Spring: A Charming Children's Book about Spring made the list of Best Spring Books for Babies by Leaf & Steel.

Lying or Pretending?

In this article for Calgary Child, retired teacher and writer Jan Pierce recommends Scout's Honor: A Book about Lying and Telling the Truth as 1 of 3 good children’s books about telling the truth!

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Mommy Richa Approved: Animals in the Forest

Mommy Richa's mission is to get kids reading, and she agrees that Animals in the Forest Coloring & Activity Book aligns with that mission.

Children's Book Feature on Penny Minding Mom

Spencer Knows Spring landed in Canada. Click the button to read what Penny Minding Mom had to say!


Expert Round Up– What Are Some of the Biggest Challenges You Face as an Author?

Tiffany Obeng was a featured expert for Nonfiction Authors Association. Click the button to read her expert advice!

Lying or Pretending? Teaching Kids to Tell the Truth

In this article for Houston Family Magazine, retired teacher and writer Jan Pierce recommends Scout's Honor: A Book about Lying and Telling the Truth as 1 of 3 good children’s books about telling the truth!


Children's Book Review: I Have 10 Toes, Thank You Jesus

I Have 10 Toes, Thank You Jesus received a 5 STAR review. Click the button to read the review!

36 Best Books by Black Authors

Not 1, not 2, but 3 of Tiffany Obeng's books were featured on the list of BEST BOOKS! Click the button to see which books.


Children's Book Review: Winnie Loves Winter

Winnie Loves Winter received a 5 STAR review. Click the button to read the review!

Children's Book Review: Andrew Learns about Lawyers

Andrew Learns about Lawyers received a 5 STAR review! Click the button to read the review!

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Children's Book Review: Scout's Honor

Scout's Honor received a 5 STAR review! Click the button to read the review!

Meet Houston Rising Star, Tiffany Obeng

Tiffany Obeng, author of Andrew Learns about Actors and Andrew Learns about Teachers, was featured in as a rising star in Houston. Check out what Tiffany had to say about The Characteristics & Traits that Matter.

Teacher and Young Student

Featured Guest: Tiffany Obeng on Drop The Aspiring Act podcast

Tiffany Obeng, author of Andrew Learns about Actors and Andrew Learns about Teachers, was a guest on Queen BAE podcast, Drop The Aspiring Act! It was good vibes. Take a watch or take a listen, or both! The option is yours!

'Andrew Learns about Teachers' From Sugar Cookie Books Pays Tribute to Teachers

During COVID-19, teachers have been the unsung heroes of navigating the new normal.

Stay up-to-date on all the latest news.

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