Sugar Cookie Books

What is Sugar Cookie Books?

Sugar Cookie Books is a book publishing imprint created and owned by author, Tiffany Obeng.


What's in a name: Sugar Cookie Books?

Well, what do you think of when you think of the sugar cookie? The sugar cookie is classic and timeless. In addition to the chocolate chip cookie, the sugar cookie is everywhere: at every bakery, baking event, school function, etc. The sugar cookie is enjoyed by many, young and old. The sugar cookie is a trusted indulgence. All of this and more, is what is in the name: Sugar Cookie Books! Books from Sugar Cookie Books are children's books we know parents, adults and young readers will enjoy time and time again.


What is Sugar Cookie Books' mission?

It is our mission to provide fun educational books that will be enjoyed time and time again by young readers. Sugar Cookie Books strives to

  1. make career day any day or every day, 

  2. inspire kids to aspire to be anything they want to be, 

  3. and teach kids valuable lessons.

To this end, each book includes simple and slightly complex words to engage both parent and child, diverse character images to reinforce the importance of representation, and free extension activities that can be enjoyed over and over. The kids' career books also explore various professions, some of which have been written about and some that have never been explored.

In addition to publishing books, Sugar Cookie Books supports other brands and businesses that inspire kids to aspire via social media targeted efforts.


The Author

Tiffany Obeng

Author. Wife. Mother. Podcast Host.

For Tiffany, writing is a delayed passion, a dream deferred. After 30 years, she has finally become the author that she always knew she would and could be.

Her accomplishments include being an attorney, a wife and a mother. The latter accomplishment is what inspired the current book series, Andrew's "Career Day" Series. Her son, Andrew, loves to read and loves asking questions. He enjoys these books and Tiffany (and Andrew) know you and your little one will enjoy them, too!