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Amazing Bilingual Picture Book to Teach Children to Identify Body Parts

I Have 10 Toes / Tengo Diez Dedos de los Pies makes learning body parts fun and easy!

Seeing your child point to their body parts on command is cute, but it is also an important milestone in your child's language development. Not only does learning body parts increase your child's body vocabulary, studies show that children who learn their body parts learn to appreciate their bodies and develop confidence in themselves. They want to keep their bodies strong, healthy and safe. And that is a phenomenal thing!

I Have 10 Toes / Tengo Diez Dedos de los Pies will teach your child their body parts and develop their language in English and in Spanish.

With line-by-line English and Spanish text, this book is perfect for learning basic body parts and practicing body vocabulary. Not only does it help children learn to identify body parts, they also learn what each body part does. This reinforces the difference between body parts and makes them easier for your child to tell apart. Enjoy an unboxing of the book below 🤩

To learn more and to grab your copy, go here.

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