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Discover Books Ideal for National Family Literacy Month

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

A time for parents and kids to learn and read together. Starting in 1994, National Family Literacy Month, was actually just a day, November 1, created to encourage families to read together so children could learn new words, become good readers, and develop a love for reading. Reading together builds bonds between children and their parents. There are so many benefits to reading and there is no age minimum to foster your child's interest in reading.

Looking for book recommendations on what to read for National Family Literacy Month? Try Andrew Career Day books!

They are perfect for family literacy and here's why:

  • They rhyme! Studies show that books that rhyme promote literacy by helping kids tune into the sounds that letters make.

  • They engage both parent and child through use of simple and slightly complex words and beautiful, colorful illustrations!

  • Children will be able to follow along easily!

  • The books teach contractions, point of view and syllabication!

Additional benefits of Andrew Career Day books include:

  • Teaching the importance of representation. Not only do the books feature an African American boy, they also include diverse and inclusive images of people, real or fictional, in the featured profession.

  • Allowing children to explore different careers without leaving their homes or waiting for career day at school. Now, career day can be any day or every day!

  • Teaching children that it is never too early to dream!

So designate a reading spot for you and your littles, grab a good book, and get to reading if for only a few minutes a day!

Happy Family Literacy Month!

Andrew Career Day books include:

  • Andrew Learns about Actors

  • Andrew Learns about Teachers

  • Andrew Learns about Lawyers

  • Andrew Learns about Engineers

  • Andrew Learns about Scientists

Click here to learn more and purchase!

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