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Introduce Kids to Science Concepts, Careers with this STEM Picture Book about Scientists

Highlighting the S in STEM, Andrew Learns about Scientists aims to get kids interested in science by:

  • teaching that scientists are special and important.

  • exploring different types of scientists, including mathematicians.

  • showing scientists working in labs and out in the field.

  • celebrating diverse science pioneers in history.

  • inspiring kids to believe they can grow up to be scientists too!

In Andrew Learns about Scientists, Andrew is set on becoming a paleontologist when he grows up, but has he considered any other types of scientists? So begins the wonderful exploration of scientists and their impact on the world.

This brilliant children's book about scientists easily integrates science and STEM into the school day with:

◾ phonetic assistance,

◾ an easy reader glossary, and

◾ diverse and inclusive images of different scientists.

  • National Public Science Day,

  • World Science Day,

  • International Day of Women and Girls in Science,

  • or any day that promotes science and honors scientists around the world.

Andrew Learns about Scientists is the fifth book in the Andrew's series, and is available here. See all books in the Andrew series here.

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