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The Book about Lawyers That Is Inspiring a New Generation

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

You may recall that I am a lawyer. You may also recall that I have always wanted to be a lawyer since at least 4th grade. It is ironic or perhaps serendipitous that I wanted to be a lawyer, because I did not know a lawyer (I am the first lawyer in my family) nor did I know what lawyers did. The most I knew about lawyers was from TV and these lawyers were nearly always criminal lawyers, White men, and significantly dramatized for entertainment.

So, what sparked my interest at such a young age to become a lawyer? Well, I think I was told that I should be a lawyer if for no other reason than becoming a lawyer was and is considered a "brag-worthy" profession. I also remember being told I would be a good lawyer because I liked to read, write and "argue." And with that, I set on my path to fulfill my "calling," my "destiny," and I have no regrets!

But think about how much more impactful it would have been to have seen a lawyer or to have known a lawyer, especially a Black lawyer, in my real life. I think I came across my first real life lawyer (and he was Black) when I was in 11th grade! And it was not until I attended LAW SCHOOL that I learned that there are so many different types of lawyers.

I get it. Explaining the career of a lawyer to a child is hard, but I think I've figured it out. Andrew Learns about Lawyers is just the right career book to introduce children ages 4-8 to the legal career.

The current books about lawyers are not diverse, too complex for the targeted age group, or too narrow in scope. Andrew Learns about Lawyers strikes the right balance and does so much more!

✔ It gives enough information to spark interest but not overwhelm.

✔ It includes diverse images of lawyers including Black lawyers, female lawyers, and Asian lawyers.

✔ It references different types of lawyers beyond criminal, which makes a good starting point to explore the various law types mentioned in the book and not mentioned in the book.

✔ It includes nods to historical legal figures like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Thurgood Marshall!

This book about lawyers is everything! It is, dare I say, unprecedented 😏.

Like the first two books in the career day series (Andrew Learns about Actors and Andrew Learns about Teachers), the inspiring tone and undertones of appreciation continues with Andrew Learns about Lawyers and is sure to inspire any child to aspire to be anything they want to be! If that's a lawyer, yay! My work here is done 😄.

So, let's recap shall we:

  • You want your child to be inspired to become a lawyer? Andrew Learns about Lawyers is the book you want.

  • You are a lawyer and want your child to understand what you do? Yep, Andrew Learns about Lawyers is the book for you.

  • You want to show a lawyer, law student or recent law graduate that they rock? Yes, you got it! Andrew Learns about Lawyers is the gift for them!

Andrew Learns about Lawyers is available in eBook, paperback, and hardback here.

Need another reason? Andrew Learns about Lawyers now comes with a book inspired craft to inspire the littles even more! Watch this YouTube video on how to make a podium and microphone perfect for any mock trial, here.

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