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Meet Andrew of "Andrew's Career Day Book Series"

Our author had the awesome opportunity to interview THE Andrew of Andrew Learns about Actors and Andrew's Career Day book series. Learn more about the person who inspired you and your children's favorite book character!

How old are you? 5.

What is your favorite color? I have two favorite colors: red and orange.

What's your favorite food? Pizza.

Who is your best friend? Mommy.

What's your favorite song? Old Town Road.

What's your favorite animal? Otters.

What's your favorite place to go? The museum to see the Ankylosaurs.

What is your favorite part of school? Going outside for recess.

Do you like to read? Yes.

What's your favorite book? The book I read last night.

Do you like Andrew Learns about Actors? Yes.

What do you like about Andrew Learns about Actors? The part when the boy says, "Hear ye hear ye, Alas Alas!"

Do you like teachers? Yes.

What do you like about teachers? I like when my teacher takes me outside for recess.

Who's your favorite teacher? Mr. Dannie because he tells all the kids to go outside when it is not too cold and not too rainy. I like when he teaches about the states and continents.

What do you like about your school? When Ms. Jennifer teaches me all the songs and have us meditate, but I don't like meditating because it's boring.

What do you want to be when you grow up? At 25, I'll be a construction worker, at 32 an engineer and at 27 a teacher.

What do you like to do on the weekend? I like to watch TV and play my tablet.

What's your favorite holiday? Christmas because Santa Claus gets me a present.

What present do you want for Christmas? I want a new puzzle for Christmas.

Want to hear more from Andrew? Send in your questions! Andrew would love to hear from you!

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