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Expert's Guide to Must-Read Black History Books for Kids

Updated: Jan 24

If you have ever wondered:

  • What makes a children book a good Black History Month read, or

  • If Black History books are only books that focus on Black history, or

  • If Black History books are only books by Black authors

Then look no further. I got you!


I surveyed industry experts and leaders* to share their recommendations and tips of what books are best to celebrate Black History Month (and beyond).

So, celebrate Black History Month with books:

  • by Black authors;

  • about Black people: past, present, and future;

  • that teach about Black culture; and/or

  • that inspire Black children's present and future.

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Have a must-read for Black History Month and beyond? Leave it in a comment, too.

*Learn more about our experts by checking out their websites or Instagram. See how they are living Black history, making Black history, and promoting Black history.