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5 Father's Day Books for Kids Featuring Black Fathers

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Myth: There are no children's books that feature fathers.

Fact: There are plenty of children's books that feature a father figure, but unfortunately, an overwhelming lot of them feature animal-fathers. Papa-bear is by far the most popular father figure in children's literature.

Here are 5 diverse father's day children's books that feature, honor, celebrate Black fathers and are written by Black authors. May one or more of these books become an enjoyable shared reading between fathers and their children for Father's Day and beyond.

by Ashley Finley

With rhyming verse and statements of affirmation, author Ashley Finley shares the beautiful journey of a young boy growing from infancy to young adulthood as viewed through the eyes of his loving father.

by Britney Harris

This book is about love for dads and the things that they do to make us feel special. These four little girls love their daddy; for nothing is greater than the feeling they get when daddy comes home.

by Fabian E. Ferguson

"Daddy's Arms'' is a fun children's book that tells the story of a little boy's adorable and amusing everyday interactions with his dad. Whether it s playtime, bathtime, or bedtime, this wildly imaginative child has his dad s arms take center stage for every fantastic new adventure.

by Jonathan Marshall

This fun light-hearted story tells of a little guy's journey to be just like his dad! This fun and easy to read picture book was a joy to write and can be enjoyed by anyone ....especially those who look up to someone else.

And bonus book mention,

by Tiffany Obeng

Join Andrew and Daddy as Andrew learns all about engineers and the engineering career. While this book is not an explicit ode to fathers, it highlights a normal daily interaction between a Black father and his Black son.

Have you read or do you own any of these books? What other books would you recommend to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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