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Children's Book to Help Explain Character vs. Actors? Yes Please!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Quinn of Aidyn's Books is a literacy and literary advocate, expert, and pioneer. Her aim is to bond children and parents through books. To do so, she scouts children's books, promotes children's books across all of her platforms of 100K+ audience, and she created the E.N.G.A.G.E. method to help parents with reading time.

So it was truly an honor that Quinn took the valuable time to not only read, but also review and recommend, Andrew Learns about Actors. Check out what Quinn had to say and why she "highly recommends" it:

----begin quote----

Let me start by saying– We NEEDED this book! Do your children know that their favorite TV characters are actually actors? Usually, they learn in their own time. When ‘Black Panther’ passed away in Fall 2020, however, it was time for an explanation. As hard as it was (and is) to cope with the death of Chadwick Boseman. For our children, it was an especially confusing time. It was a hard discussion to have. There aren’t too many resources to help explain that his favorite superheroes are simply characters that actors play. Where else can we go to find a tool to help our children understand the dynamic between character and actor. Enter Tiffany Obeng’s book! Not only it is full of adorable and colorful illustrations, but the rhyming text works to captivate us even more! Children may not even realize that they are learning while reading this book. It is the perfect balance between story and nonfiction. Not only did it help Aidyn understand the glamorous aspects of being an actor– but also the parts that are often ignored. We highly recommend this book for every family. In reading this title your children will be better informed AND delighted!

----end quote----

And there we have it folks! Do you need any more reason to grab your copy of Andrew Learns about Actors?! Learn more about Andrew Learns about Actors and read more great reviews here.

To learn more about Quinn, Aidyn's Books and the E.N.G.A.G.E. Method, click here.

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