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Leaders and Experts Agree: These are the Best Books by Black Authors

Wow! Just WOW! Pretty Progressive surveyed industry experts and leaders for the top picks for Books by Black Authors. Books from Sugar Cookie Books appeared on the list, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES!!!

Andrew Learns about Lawyers (Career book for kids)

It’s Take Your Kid to Work Day and Andrew is beyond excited to go to work with Mama until he realizes that he does not know what Mama does for work. I am a lawyer or what some call an attorney, begins the exploration of the wonderful world of lawyers. Andrew Learns about Lawyers is a great book and beginner career resource to introduce young children (ages 4-8) to the career of a lawyer. Complete with phonetic assistance, an easy reader glossary, and beautifully diverse and inclusive images and images of legal pioneers (think Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Thurgood Marshall!), your child will begin thinking of a possible career as a lawyer and be in awe of the lawyers in their life. This rhyming career exploration book is perfect for curious sons and daughters as it provides just enough information in an easy to follow and interesting way.

Winnie Loves Winter: A Delightful Children's Book about Winter

Winnie Loves Winter is the must-have picture book about the winter season! The title says it all! Winnie loves winter and just cannot wait to tell you what she loves about it. Not just winter-themed, Winnie Loves Winter includes fun facts about winter. Simple engaging text and beautiful friendly and cheerful illustrations makes this book the perfect introduction to winter for young children ages 2 to 8. A good winter picture book featuring a young inviting main character and no specific holidays. After reading, your little one may come to love winter just as much as Winnie!

Scout's Honor: A Kid's Book about Lying and Telling the Truth

Scout's Honor: A Kid’s Book about Lying and Telling the Truth is the ideal book to motivate young children to always tell the truth. Scout’s Honor will help kids identify the reasons they may lie or want to lie, help kids understand the consequences for lying, and help kids understand the importance of telling the truth. With simple text, the book reinforces the values of right and wrong in a straightforward way perfect for children ages 4 to 6. The vibrant cartoon illustrations complement the lesson.

Want to see the other books that made the Best Books by Black Authors list? Sure, go here.

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