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Legit Ways to Celebrate Your Lawyer on Love Your Lawyer Day!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Yes, Love Your Lawyer Day is a thing, and it is on November 4, 2022!

Seriously, I did not make this up. Though lawyers are community helpers of sorts, they have somehow gotten a bad reputation along the way. Originally a campaign initiated in 2001 by attorney Nader Anise of American Lawyers of Public Image Association, the day was aptly called "No Lawyer Bashing or Jokes for a Day." Ten years later, the novel campaign officially became Love Your Lawyer Day and is celebrated every first Friday in November to show appreciation for all that lawyers do!

So, how does one celebrate Love Your Lawyer Day? Great question! You can:

  • Avoid telling jokes about lawyers or bashing lawyers for a day. It's quite simple, right?

  • You can leave a positive review on their lawyer page.

  • You can send them a note of thanks.

  • You can also give the lawyer in your life a gift. Pulling from This Is Why I'm Broke, The Verdict Is In: The 41 Best Gifts for Lawyers, lawyers apparently like fun, funny and quirky gifts. Check out the gift suggestions that I, myself, 😏 would not mind receiving.

Don't Confuse Your Google Search with my Law Degree Mug (available on Amazon)

From The Verdict Is In: "Hey - law school is expensive for a reason. This cheeky coffee mug will give your favorite attorney some serious gratification along with their morning cup of joe."

Legal Decision Maker Paperweight (available on Amazon)

From The Verdict Is In: "So THIS is how lawyers do it. This hilarious paperweight will make a great gag gift for an attorney and will be a great conversation piece on their desk. They just might want to put it away if there are new clients coming in."

The Tools of Argument Book (available on Amazon)

From The Verdict Is In: "A must-have guide for those who argue for a living. Law students or new attorneys will have much to learn from Tufts University law professor Joel P. Trachtman, but it'll help even the most experienced lawyers finesse their critical thinking and oratory skills."