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The Simplest Way to Teach Your Baby & Toddler about Jesus!

As Christian parents, we often wonder about, or more accurately obsess over, everything when it comes to our children. One of those things is how to teach your little one about God and Jesus in a way that their developing minds can grasp. And not only grasp, incorporate into their daily lives. If an infant can learn multiple languages, then an infant can surely learn about Jesus, right. 🙌🏽

Many agree that one of the easiest ways to introduce your infant and toddler to Jesus is through books! Having a daily reading routine not only promotes literacy, helps children learn words sooner, but also allows you to expose your child to ideas and concepts in an inviting way. There are several Christian baby books and books about Jesus out there, including the newest and cutest new book, I Have 10 Toes, Thank You Jesus!

Available in e-book, paperback and hardback, I Have 10 Toes is an adorable, engaging religious baby book for toddlers and infants that introduces them to Jesus, while also teaching a few basic body parts, senses, and numbers 1, 2 and 10. This baby prayer book is designed to encourage children to be thankful for God's great creation-them!

Easy to read and easy to learn, with cute large cartoon illustrations to help. The book is printed for easy lap reading and reading aloud. You will love hearing your little one gleefully praise (or babble) "Thank You, Jesus!" as they follow along with you. This body parts book can even be read by older siblings.

I Have 10 Toes is short and lively, suitable for children whose attention span is growing. A perfect read for bedtime, naptime, story time, anytime!

This Christian book for babies and toddlers makes a great baby book for shower gift, baby christenings, baby dedications, and so many more occasions. I Have 10 Toes also makes a great read for Easter, Christmas and any time of the year!

I Have 10 Toes is the baby picture book! A body parts book, senses book for infants, number learning book, and book about Jesus for kids, all in one!

Book purchaser and reviewer, Naomi V. Dunsen-White, had all of this to say about I Have 10 Toes:

Omg!!!! Could this book be any cuter? Nope. I love it!
Not only does it teach numbers and body parts, but it also teaches what each body part does. The repetition and simplicity of the lessons are a sure fire way for little pre-readers to recall and recite along with you during story time. Also, the illustrations are adorable! We all know how much babies love to see pictures of other babies.
To top it all off, “Thank You, Jesus,” is repeated throughout the book! This is both sweet and smart. I can almost hear those babies saying “Thank you, Jesus,” with every other turn of the page. That’s heartwarming! It’s definitely going to stick with them! The author is teaching Thanksgiving and Gratitude along with praise to the Lord in this sweet little book. That kind of chokes me up a little. I really love that.
If you’re a Christian and there’s a little one you love, this book is a must have. Bless your baby with this book.

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I Have 10 Toes also comes with FREE PRINTABLES with the purchase of the e-book ($3.50), paperback ($9.50) or hardcover!

Image of printables

Just follow the 1-step instruction at the back of the book to claim our gift to you!

I Have 10 Toes also comes with a FREE LESSON PLAN for Sunday School teachings! Download the lesson plan here.

So, if you are looking to instill Christian values into your baby's or toddlers' daily routine, I Have 10 Toes does just that and more!

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