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Cheat-Sheet for Creating a Fascinating Amazon Book Page that Captivates Buyers

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

I primarily sell my books on Amazon for many reasons, one being the convenience of it all. I love the idea of making money while I sleep, watch TV, spend time with family, or more importantly, work my full time job. I love the idea of not having to buy postage or packaging supplies, or driving 15 minutes to the post office to mail books. I also love the idea of having Amazon advertise my books for me. Now this last part does not happen by chance, though. You have to put in work on the front end (and revise as needed over time). The front end work is what we are discussing today: Attracting Amazon shoppers to buy YOUR book(s) by



Have you ever seen an Amazon book page where the book is the only thing that is there? There is no Amazon book description, no A+ content, no author bio. There is just a book...and it's just there. And if this is your current situation, no judgment. It takes time to optimize every piece of your Amazon page, especially when you have several books like me. But it is truly worth it! The Amazon book page is a marketing tool, and it is FREE. Y'all know how much I like free. So, let's talk about the anatomy of an Amazon book page and what YOU should do about it.

1. Book cover image

You want to make sure you are featuring your professionally designed, eye-catching book cover in its best light, literally. You can do this by uploading a cover pdf file that meets the requirements for professional printing. The cover should be bright, not dull. It should be of your entire front cover, not cut off. It should be clear and not pixelated.

Example A: Cover Image not Optimized
cover image of Andrew Learns about Engineers
Example B: Cover Image Optimized
cover image of Andrew Learns about Engineers

See the difference? How about this one?

Example C: Cover Image not Optimized

cover image of winnie loves winter

Example D: Cover Image Optimized

cover image of Winnie Loves Winter

In these examples, both cover versions look great but the optimized covers are bright. The brightness is attention grabbing.

2. Subtitle

When it makes sense, add a subtitle. But don't add any subtitle; add a subtitle that includes relevant keywords. Now, do not jam pack your subtitle with every keyword you can think of. Make it look natural and sensical. For example,

  • Winnie Loves Winter: A Delightful Children's Book about Winter. Children's book about winter is the relevant and popular keyword string.

  • Same with Two Houses Down: A Story about Divorce and Friendship. A story about divorce is the relevant and popular keyword string.

  • Last example, Scout's Honor: A Book about Lying and Telling the Truth. A book about lying is the relevant and popular keyword string.

Using relevant keyword strings as a subtitle or in your subtitle is proven to help with search results. Additionally, it tells the buyer quickly and clearly what your book is about, which is not always clear from the title alone.