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Dedicated Publishing Coach & Publishing Services

Let me be your Dedicated Publishing Coach or Consultant (DPC)!

As the author of 20 children's books in less than 3 years, I have learned a thing or two and as the great Dr. Maya Angelou has said, "When you learn, teach."

It would be my joy and honor to help you achieve your publishing goals! The journey can feel like a never-ending winding road that you are traveling alone. Select me as your DPC and I will be your accountability partner and passenger for the ride. 

What I offer?​

  • Guidance on book/story layout

  • Guidance on requesting LCCNs 

  • Guidance on copyrighting your work

  • Guidance on ISBNs and bar codes

  • Guidance on finding a quality illustrator on Fiverr

  • Advice on cost-saving illustration tips

  • Guidance on formatting your book and book cover for KDP, Ingram Spark (using Adobe Pro, MS Word or Canva)

  • Guidance on uploading book to KDP, Ingram Spark

  • Advice on Amazon keywords and categories

  • Advice on A+ content

  • Advice on using e-book promotion services

  • So much more

How much to have me guide you step-by-step through the publishing process?

60 minutes for $90 (adjustable rate for time after 60 minutes)

What if you just want me to do it all for you?

Sure. I offer Do-It-For-You publishing packages starting at $500.

What else do I offer?

*Amazon book description writing services - $75

**KDP, Ingram Spark back office upload and organization services - $99

What if you are not publishing a children's book?

Yep, I can help you!

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